We have a strong team of highly qualified technical staff to carry out all types of Electrical testing & commissioning activities in substation, power plants, process plant & buildings and have successfully completed many prestigious projects in UAE & India.
Our Engineers are having valid approvals in DEWA, FEWA, ADDC, AADC, SEWA & TRANSCO.

We are sourcing various categories of testing & commissioning Engineers to EPC contractors on monthly basis according to their professional experience.Our Engineers are strong in technical knowledge, troubleshooting, documentation, IEC standards, interacting with clients / consultants.We are also doing Installation, Testing & commissioning on lumpsum basis.

Gas Insulated Switch gear testing voltage
level from 0.415 kV -765 kV
Power transformer up to 500 MVA
Protection schemes & logics up to 400 kV
Interlock schemes & logics up to 400 kV
DC system (Battery & Battery charger testing)
Main relay / Back up relay testing
Remote end modifications & Related Works
High voltage testing
Power cables, Earthing systems
HT motors / LT motors
SCADA / DCS Systems


We have 15 + years experience in Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of electrical equipment to Substations, Process plants, Petrochemical plants, Power plants, Cement factories, Hospitals,Schools and Shopping Malls.

Gas insulated switch Gears Medium Voltage upto 33 kV
Power transformers / Auxiliary Transformers
HT / LT Motors
Protection panels
Distribution Panels, ATS panels
Protection relays, Auxiliary relays
Ammeters / Energy meters
Instrument transformers like CT / VTs
Power cables laying & terminations
Low voltage / medium voltage air insulated switch gears
Capacitor Banks and Harmonics Filters



We also performing retrofitting of electrical Equipment and its accessories, testing & commissioning like

Replacement of existing switch gears up to 33 kV
Replacement of Protection panels / AVR panels
Replacement of control panels, distribution boards
Replacementof Main protection relays, Auxiliary relays
Replacement of power cables / control cables
Replacement of all type of meters
Modification of protection / interlocking panel wiring 
Replacement of CTs / VTs
LT distribution boards
Battery & Battery chargers
Rectification work on capacitor banks and Harmonic filters




To improve the system efficiency, avoid surprise failure of accessories, plant blackout, the electrical equipment has to be tested, and preventive maintenance to be done periodically in Substations, Process plants, Petrochemical plants, Power plants, Cement factories, High rise buildings,
Hospitals, Schools and Shopping malls.
We perform testing and survey of your existing switchgears,panels, relays & meters. If poor performances or faultiness is found, detailed diagnosis reports, recommendations,remedial action plans will be submitted.

HT / LT Switch Gears & its Accessories Testing
Transformers Diagnosis and Condition Monitoring
Main relays and Auxiliary relays Testing
Main relays & Auxiliary relays Settings Modification & Testing
Protection Panels, Interlock Panels, AVR panels Testing
Residual life Analysis of Power Transformers
Power Cables Testing
Transformer Oil Filtration / Oil Test
All types of Electrical Troubleshooting
Capacitor Banks and Harmonic filters


We offer a broad range of O&M services to Electrical sectors in Substations, process plants,
petrochemical plants, Power plants, cement & commercial / resident Buildings, Hospitals, Schools and Shopping Malls

FEC also offers many related services, including maintenance of electrical infrastructure, preventive and corrective maintenance, major
repairs and monitoring and control, predictive maintenance, inspection and technical advice.


  • Substation Design work
  • Calculation, Preparation of layout and SLD.
  • Project management
  • Site management and execution
  • Battery and sizing calculation, CT / VT sizing calculation
  • Protection coordination
  • Interfacing detail
  • Cable tray study layout and solution
  • Detailed substation Engineering review and Solution
  • Technical advice and clarification
  • Fabrication, Installation and Supervision at Project Sites
  • Commissioning and Start-up and Completion of Projects


1. Fluke 337 - Digital Clamp Meters
2. Fluke T140 - Continuity / Voltage testers
3. Fluke 179 - Digital Multi meters
4. Fluke 9040 - Phase Rotation Indicators
5. Megger DET4TLR - Digital Earth Testers
6. Megger MIT310-EN Digital Insulation Tester 250 V to 1 kV
7. Megger MIT510-EN Digital Insulation Tester 250 V to 5 kV
8. Megger DLRO 10X - Digital Low Ohm resistance Meters
9. Digital Lux Meters
10. Sverker 760 Relay Test Unit
11. Programma BH-42427-R02C-Primary Injection Test Kit
12. VLF Hipot Tester 1 to 50kVAC
13. Omicron CPC 100
14. Omicron Sec. Injection numerical relay test kit CMC 256 / 356
15. CT Analyzer
16. Sweep frequency response analyzer Kit Doble / OMICRON